… are basically healthy but haven’t exercised in years. Pilates will safely get you moving at an intensity appropriate for you. You learn how to modify exercises at first to make them accessible to you. As you grow stronger and more comfortable, then you learn how to phase the modifications out and challenge yourself more deeply.

… are basically healthy with mild to moderate back pain. Pilates strengthens the deep, core muscles that support your spine. After the first session you should notice your back will feel better. Pilates provides a perfect complement to seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. As you progress and your core strengthens, you will hold onto your adjustments longer facilitating better, long-term progress.

… are physically fit, but have reached a plateau in your current exercise regimen. Pilates will offer challenges to you in many ways. Your core muscles will be developed, muscles that are usually ignored in the gym and your mind will be engaged in workout so that boredom will no longer hinder your fitness goals.

… are an athlete looking to improve your performance. Pilates will enable you to perform your sport with greater control and stability as you develop your core musculature. Pilates can help restore your body balance for players of golf, baseball and other sports that tend to over-develop one side of the body.

… are planning to get pregnant or recovering from your pregnancy. Pilates is great for you. A strong core is amazingly beneficial for maintaining good posture, pushing during natural delivery, and for your recovery after the birth of your baby.


  1. Great post. Loved the way it was laid out to show the benefits of pilates in alot of different situations. Pilates is a great compliment to any fitness program. Pilates and chiropractic work excellent together. I will focus on my core. Thanks for the reminder.

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