Pilates is wonderful for nearly everyone, but people who meet the following criteria should not do Pilates:

People unable or unwilling to mentally concentrate:
should not expect to get results if your mind doesn’t show up with your body for your Pilates session! Mental concentration is a requisite to being successful with Pilates. We aren’t saying that you will be expected to flawlessly perform each exercise at first, but you have to visualize the correct movement from the start to succeed. After all, Joseph Pilates said, “It is the mind itself which shapes the body.”

People with serious back or neck pain:
are advised to play it safe and see a doctor before committing to Pilates! If you suffer from severe back or neck pain, especially of the radiating variety, then you must get medical attention before beginning any exercise regimen. Once your condition is diagnosed and treatment is under way, Pilates may work to help with your recovery – per your doctor’s orders.

Persons with joint issues are highly encouraged to take private sessions as they enter before joining classes. Clients must assume responsibility of their body and how they feel on an ongoing basis.

Group classes are not for everyone. If your doctor tells you that you need Pilates, he/she may not mean group class Pilates. You may need Private Sessions to begin with and then possibly continue to Semi private or even group when you feel strong and confident in the movement. Everyone in group class should be at a comparable level of skill. If not, the unskilled get lost and the skilled are bored while waiting for the unskilled to catch up. We will make modifications, but sometimes it takes time to figure these things out and it’s not the kind of time that can be taken up in a group class.

Group classes work best for those who have a workout regimen without joint issues or work with a qualified Pilates instructor or really good trainer who has taught them how to modify the movement.

People who are severely obese:
If you are severely obese we want to help you to overcome your fitness issues and restore you to a great body and hopefully great health! Obese clients sometimes cannot feel the core muscle while lying down. For this reason, if you are obese, we need to start you in personal training in a one-on-one framework and we need to get you into a nutrition program. As you start to lose weight and gain physical abilities, Pilates can then be a great choice for you.

Pregnant women without prior Pilates experience:
should wait until after delivery [with the clearance of your doctor] before beginning your Pilates program.

Pregnant women with a history of miscarriage:
should follow your doctor’s advice, and do nothing to risk the natural healthy development of your baby!


  1. Holly Maek says:

    I hate my pilates teacher. I’m not going to any more of her classes. She is an anorexic chain-smoker with a flat butt. I am overweight, have a curvy spine, and a rounded ass. She makes me feel like a loser when I can’t do the supine leg lift exercises without fear of hurting my lower back. I tucked my hand under my buttocks and it felt much better and the exercises seemed to me to be so much more effective. However, her comment was basically that it was a lazy/flabby technique that I should try to progress out of. I get the feeling she is clueless and can’t identify with the challenges of different types of bodies and levels of fitness we all have. If I stay in her class I’ll give up on this reportedly fantastic form of exercise. DOES PILATES TAKE INTO ACCOUNT DIFFERENT BODY TYPES? I feel like there is not a whole lot of objective info on the internet, everyone wanting to sell their studio, their method, their instructor training.

    • dkpilates says:

      I am so sorry about your experince with Pilates Holly, It is very important to find a teacher that challenges you safely, If your not currently taking private sessions it may help.
      My recomendation is that you learn neutral spine positon laying down and practice your breathing. It is fundamental and very important.

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