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Reflexology/ Hands and Feet

Pilates on Elmwood Massage in Abilene Texas We offer a personalized approach to wellness.  Yoga* Massage *Nutrition* PersonalTraining* Thai Yoga Massage   * Pre and Post Therapy  Prenatal, Postnatal Pilates  as well as brides are other areas we specialize in Abilene Texas Pilates

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Occipital Bone

Other simular articles may include You may also be interest in Muscles of the neck Anatomy of Pilates What Pilates is and what Pilates isn’t Part 1 What Pilates is and what Pilates isn’t Part 2 The History of Pilates … Continue reading

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Muscles of the Neck

Neck Sternocleidomastoid Other Names Sterno-mastoid Neck (Front / Sides) Neck Flexors Heads Anterior Fibers Posterior Fibers Movement Neck (Atlantooccipital & Atlantoaxial) The Atlanto-occipital joint (articulation between the atlas and the occipital bone) consists of a pair of condyloid joints. The … Continue reading

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