Pilates on Elmwood Reviews

1501 Elmwood Dr. Abilene TX

Owner of Downtown Dallas Pilates returns to his hometown Abilene, and now runs  Pilates on Elmwood… You can also find us on Facebook

Massage, Abilene Pilates , Abilene Yoga and  Thai Yoga Massage

Tammy Gonzalez…on November 2009    30,      


“Downtown Dallas Pilates is excellent for your mind, body & pocketbook! You will meet the most wonderful people & get the workout of your life! Don brings out your inner potential & caters to any limitations. You won’t regret it!”

LChang…on November 24, 2009                                                                                                       
“DP has been great for me.   Don makes sure that everyone gets what they need from every class.    Since going to Don’s classes, my core has significantly improved and I am more flexible than I have ever been.  I love my new posture.”
mymanyopinions…on November 23, 2009                                                                                   
“Don is the absolute best!!!!!”
Misty Wehler…on November 19, 2009
“I have never seen anyone put so much personal effort into helping others feel better and healthier!”

Simply the best… 

by DaMetriaat Citysearch

I’ve always played basketball and or ran track.  Believe it or not, I hated going to the gym to workout. But when Don introduced me to Pilates I’ve been hooked every since. It really showed on my wedding day. I was taking Pilates classes twice a week from July to February and changed my eating habits.  Within two weeks I could tell the change in the way my cloths fit and I felt more energized.  When it was time to do the last fitting for my wedding dress in the second week of January, my dress was tight around the bust and waist.  I had to lean against the mirror in the dressing room to flatten my bust and have my sister zip me up.  The representative helping me asked did I need to have it let out a little I explained it would be okay on my wedding day February 18th. I was very optimistic. I continued Pilates and we incorporated some weight training in my private sessions.  The day of the weeding I was hoping the dress was not still tight.  Well as I put my dress on my sister zipped me up.  I said “What’s wrong do I need to suck in more?” She said “No it’s zipped and hooked.” Within that month apparently I toned up and lost more weight.  The dress was not only zipped and hooked, I had to have the dress safety pined to my bra. (LOL) I was not expecting that.  If you want to get in shape for the summer or just get in shape to improve your health; Pilates is a great way to go.  It is low impact and will get you toned without dreading to workout.

Pilates for All…

 by hain7 at Citysearch 02/18/11

I dropped in for a class while visiting my daughter in Dallas and SURPRISE! I had a wonderful time getting my first taste of Pilates. Since my definition of exercise consists of stirring coffee for three reps, a Pilates class was a little intimidating. Luckily for me, Don was attentive to my beginner status and took the time to point out the best positions for my level of inability. I actually got quite a lot of information from only one session. I find myself pulling my belly button in and lengthening my spine while I move about my daily routine. I suppose that is the beauty of Pilates…you can use the skills even when you are not in a class. You just can’t do that with salsa dancercise, can you?

Don would be an excellent choice for someone who wants to come in at a high level or as a beginner — he is patient and spends that litle extra bit of time that gives you the ability to improve from where you are. There were five in the class — all at varying levels and yet he gave useful feedback to each member. I would suggest you give Pilates a a try with Don. He is competent & skillfull and yet totally approachable and full of personality and positive energy. If you are thinking of
Pilates, think of Don.

Fabulous Pilates  Instructor! by cassandrads
at Citysearch 02/14/11

Don is the very best kind
of instructor… full of laughter, motivation and a kind heart and yet keeps you
motivated and inspired to go further. I can not recommend him enough!

Fun by AnnEff at Citysearch 02/11/11

Don is a great
instructor. His classes are enjoyable but challenging. He can effectively work
with different levels at the same time. I always feel that I get a great workout
but have fun at the same time.

Body by Don Kirby!
by Kim Garrett at Citysearch 02/09/11

Don is the perfectionista
of pilates! I was new to the reformer and every session with Don reminds me that
I’m on the right track and with the right instructor! Don knows exactly when,
and how tough, to be! I started to see changes in my physique almost immediately
and now can tell everyone that I’m flaunting a body by Don Kirby!

Best Pilates Instructor I’ve Ever Had by Sheri5 at Citysearch 02/09/11

Best Pilates Instructor!
by lenoresullivan
at Citysearch 02/09/11

Seriously, run don’t walk to Downtown Dallas Pilates! I’ve been training with Don for over two years. He’s the best. Our sessions blend pilates, yoga, strength training and more recently zone cardio – he keeps it interesting, challenging and lots of fun, always focused on how you are feeling and what you need that particular day but keeping your long term goals in mind. He takes a whole body and mind approach and is
really devoted to his clients. I highly recommend Don and Downtown Dallas Pilates!

Best Pilates Instruction
in Dallas area
by dreamland109
at Citysearch 02/09/11

I have trained with Don Kirby for about a year. He is an extremely talented instructor – thorough, motivating, patient, caring and fun! He focuses on your particular needs by building creative and intense workouts, which in turn help you achieve your specific goals. He also gently encourages a healthy lifestyle without lecturing or judgment. If you want to work hard, see results and thoroughly enjoy the experience, call Don Kirby.

I would recommend
Downtown Dallas Pilates to anyone!

Yay for Pilates!

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I never work out and care very little for staying fit. However, I started Pilates with Don about 3 years ago and with his encouragement, patience and fun learning environment, I really enjoyed something I thought I could never be interested in.

Pilates/Don has worked wonders for me. I’m extremely toned, my balance is great, my flexibility is awesome, my back hurts a lot less and my weak joints grow stronger with each class. One of my favorite things about Don is that he will alter his technique depending on your body type/aches/injuries. After a while, you know how to adjust positions to suit your needs and that is a valuable knowledge set when working out.

Don is knowledgeable, friendly, professional and the classes are always fun! A great Pilates instructor!

Great personal training
and pilates instruction
by lml2 at
Citysearch 02/06/11

I started taking pilates classes with Don a year ago. I had set a personal goal to exercise on a more regular basis. Don has been key in helping me meet my goal. I take both mat and reformer classes with Don. He is a very good teacher and works with you individually to get your best outcome. He is great at mixing things up and I have yet to bored. He is terrific at knowing just when to push me to the next level. I would definitiely recommend Don and Downtown Pilates. Especially if you
are in the downtown area……easy to get to.

Master Pilates teacher –
by VickiJones
at Citysearch 02/04/11

I have been taking Mat and Reformer Pilates classes with Don for over one year. He is fantastic and FUN! I am a devoted student and feel I get excellent work outs with personal attention. Don works hard to push you but to also consider your personal situation. He keeps the work out routines creative and challenging. It is a GREAT work out experience!!! I have referred MANY friends and co-workers which is a testament to the quality of Don’s Pilates instruction.

Quality Private Pilates
by Tadd McCullough at Citysearch 02/01/11

My partner and I have a duet session with Don twice a week. I have a lot of experience with the Pilates method, and my partner is learning fundamentals for the first time. Don does a fantastic job of bridging the gap between our skill levels, keeping us both focused and working hard.

We have a very active week of varied exercise and activities, including weight training and running. Don takes this into account, giving us techniques to use while working with him and in our other activities. I’ve had many Pilates instructors, and I am very pleased with the work I’ve been doing with Don over the last couple months. He’s fun and friendly, insightful, and a skillful teacher. You just need to try him
out for a few months and see for yourself! Thanks, Don.

Professional, personalized
by jblakeharris
at Citysearch 02/01/11

Friendly, professional – always challenging, but encouraging at the same time. Don does a great job evaluating your skill level and ensuring you get the best pilates workout possible – whether a beginner or more advanced. Great downtown location, flexible hours.

Don is Amazing!
by Lydia Zapata

I hesitantly joined Don’s class, thinking it was just another pilates class… but after the first session
I was hooked! Don brings such a great spirited energy! His instructions and one
on one with each of us sold me! He takes care of making sure body form is
correct and his clients all look fantastic. I started seeing results
immediately. He instills a can do attitude in us and his classes are intense yet
so much fun! I highly recommend everyone taking a least one session with him and
guarantee you will return and will feel fantastic and rejuvenated! Your body
will love you for it! LZ

I highly recommend
by Lindsay Seiders

I have been doing the private training with Don on Pilates and have been really enjoying the experience. I have back injuries and have finally found a work out method that helps with the pain by strengthening my back and not make the pain worse. I had taken a Pilates class during college but having the one on one really helped with learning the proper technique to get the very most out of each exercise. I would highly recommend Don to anyone that would like to learn more about

I think I have finally
found my exercise of choice
by Sisty

Don, I think I have finally found my exercise of choice in your pilates sessions. They are definitely effective, beneficial, and far from being routine. I love the change of pace and the endless ways you have to make me more flexible while becoming stronger. There is no way I can be bored and unchallenged with you, and the benefits continue to improve. I definitely feel I can obtain my goal of being on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue! [Maybe the Senior Edition in the wading Pool] Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Meticulous and thorough,
yet warm and caring
Jody Sims

Amazing work in Dallas by Anthony Maxwell

Don does amazing work in Dallas with his health and fitness program! I took a class while in Dallas and I was so glad to see such a class being offered in Dallas. I live in NYC and travel a lot. So, it’s good to know that other cities offer some of the same type programs as NY. Great job, Don!

Personal Trainer
Peggy Davion

Don is a very good
trainer, he knows his ‘stuff’ and cares about people… I recommend him

Best Pilates
by Sivadon at
Citysearch 11/30/09

This place is run by an independent instructor, Don Kirby. It’s located inside the Davis Building in Room 211. He’s basically turned a loft into a workout studio. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, so Pilates is only useful if you do it correctly. And you can only do it correctly if you have a competent instructor. Enter: Don. Don is great. He really cares about his clients and he will work extra hard to make sure you are satisfied with your work out. His biggest goal is to provide the best customer service at a great price. The classes are small (5 people at most) so he gives a lot of 1-on-1
feedback, which is helpful. It’s a small business but he’s looking to make it grow so you should definitely give it a try.

Don’s prices are great
and the knowledge he offers is invaluable. Definitely give it a try!

Pros: great
price, experienced and helpful teacher, great work out

Cons: none!

Pilates is Addicting!
by Tammy Gonzalez at Citysearch 09/06/09

Don Kirby will challenge you to go beyond what you think you’re capable of while at the same time take into consideration any physical limitations you might have. Don is an empathetic coach who will make you feel proud about what you accomplish. Without a doubt,
I’m more flexible, stronger, and am overall more toned – And sometimes I can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing! I didn’t think it was possible! All of this in a clean, bright, non-stressful environment where you always feel welcomed. Just one warning: feeling like this is addictive!

Pros: Best workout for the best price!

Cons: none

by Lindsay Seiders at Citysearch 08/31/09

I have been doing the private training with Don on Pilates and have been really enjoying the experience. I have back injuries and have finally found a work out method that helps with the pain by strengthening my back and not make the pain worse. I had taken a Pilates class during college but having the one on one really helped with learning the proper technique to get the very most out of each exercise. I would highly recommend Don to anyone that would like to learn more about Pilates!!

About dkpilates

Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Personnel trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Don teaches Contemporary and the Authentic forms of Pilates, in the later 90's, Don began his study of Yoga. His study of Yoga includes the Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, and Astanga disciplines. His other areas of interest in fitness include Martial Arts, Spin, Boot Camp Training, and Weight Training. Don has extensive training and certifications from AFFA, IDEA, MadDog, B-Fit and Polestar. Don Continues his of Pilates education with Michelle Larson in Santa Fe New Mexico. His personal philosophy related to fitness is to aid students in a personalized balance of strength, stamina and flexibility. He is dedicated to design a program specifically for his students independent of the season of their life to create functional movement and help them reach their fitness goals.
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4 Responses to Pilates on Elmwood Reviews

  1. ceceJ says:

    I Love Don. He is the only instructor I have ever met that really and truly cares about your need. He stives for perfection… He just doesnt “say your doing good: He makes you do Great. Buy the time you leave you feel accomplished. AND THAT IS A GREAT FEELING when you know it was done RIGHT>
    Thank you Don

  2. Don says:

    You can find us at wwwyogaabilene.com and http://www.abilenethaiyogamassage.com

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