The 2007 PN Challenge Grand Prize Winners

by John M
, January 4th, 2008.
Well everyone, it’s time for the moment of truth.  That’s right; after a few
weeks of deliberation, we’ve finally done the deed and chosen our PN Challenge
Grand Prize winners!
It’s been a long road as we’ve had to narrow down the top 16 finalists from
the over 400 people that started the challenge. Then we had to narrow these down
to 4 age-category winners – 1 man and 1 woman over 40 and 1 man and 1 woman
under 40. And finally, we had to choose 2 grand prize winners from these very
worthy age category winners.
But we’re satisfied that we did a great job with the selection process and
therefore are happy to announce our grand prize winner…

Rebecca E.

And our 2007 runner up is…
Lionel D.

Congratulations to both of our finalists!  It was
absolutely a touch choice deciding between our four age-category winners. But it
was especially tough choosing between these final two.
However, both of them are getting some awesome
prizes –
Rebecca – A year’s worth of free groceries and supplements
Lionel – Either
6 months of free groceries or 3 months of delivered meals.
For more on each of
these two awesome challengers…scroll down. And if you’d like to kick off
an amazing body transformation of your own, pick up Precision
Nutrition now and do what Rebecca and Lionel did. Follow along with the
program, use the PN forums for support, and watch as your health improves, your
performance increases, and your body fat drops.
About Rebecca
Growing up, I was an active kid and involved in lots of
sports, but I always had an unhealthy relationship with food. When I hit high
school, it got out of control. I quit all of my activities and began an
extremely unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. It worsened when I reached college.
I was lethargic, sick all the time, and depressed,
so I self-medicated by stuffing my face with unhealthy food and then
crash-dieting. I was extremely frustrated that my weight-lost efforts always
failed, so I drank and binge-ate to numb my insecurities. I was on a path of
In 2006, I was blessed to meet someone who broke
this pattern, encouraging and supporting me as I gave a healthy life another
try. Slowly but surely, I began pulling myself from dangerous behavior I had
slipped into. Instead of pigging out, I wanted to go swimming and play
basketball with my friends.
But years of unhealthy habits and sedentary living
left me incapable of doing what I wanted to do. It was time to make a change. I
began working out again in December of 2006. I was 220 pounds of pure fat,
couldn’t jog for more than a few minutes, and I was so weak that I could barely
lift the bar. I began lifting weights and doing interval training several times
a week.
My interest in nutrition began at the same time,
when I read Julia Ross’s “The Diet Cure”. That was my first introduction to
eating well for physical AND mental health. My health, weight, and emotional
well-being all began improving, and I was inspired to learn more about
My investigations led me to Precision
Nutrition. I started PN in March.
When I heard about the
challenge in the middle of July, I had already lost 15 pounds of fat and my
fitness had considerably improved, but I was still nowhere near where I wanted
to be.

I saw the challenge as my chance to finally hold myself accountable to the
goals I’ve had for my whole life. I set the goal to try out for my college’s
varsity soccer team in the fall. With the help of Precision Nutrition and lots
of hard work, I spent the summer losing over 30 pounds and gaining strength,
speed, and endurance. When I arrived at pre-season camp, I was in tip-top

I just finished my first season of college soccer as
one of the starting players who helped carry my team through a successful
season. I never imagined that I could step back on the soccer field after 5
years of being obese and unhealthy, and end up a starter.
I never thought I had what it takes to earn the body
I always wanted. I have achieved and surpassed my goals- I rarely get sick
anymore, I have become much faster, stronger, and more agile, and I feel,
perform, and look great! It has been an amazing journey, and it is an incredible
Setting a good example is the best way to help
others improve their health and fitness. Since starting PN, I have seen distinct
changes not only in myself, but in the habits of my friends, family, and
teammates. Every day, I eat in a cafeteria full of other students. While my
pizza-eating peers initially questioned and scorned my eating habits, I have
seen more and more vegetables appearing on the plates of my friends.
I no longer have a shortage of workout buddies.
Becoming physically active has made me visibly happier and healthier, and when
others observe this pleasant change, they are motivated to make the same change
for themselves. When I push myself harder on the soccer field, the rest of the
team does too.
I know many young women who are discontent
with their bodies and health, but feel discouraged and helpless to make a
change. Nobody ever thought that I would be able to seize control of my life and
change my body, but with the help of the right information, I did.
Success is contagious. I help others make positive changes in their
lives by showing them how happy I am and how great I feel!
Name:  Bikini pic.jpg Views: 1751 Size:  41.4 KB
Before PN, I was overweight, unhealthy, and
miserable about it. I would go on bouts of low-calorie fad dieting and
self-deprivation that always ended in massive binging episodes. If I lost any
weight, I would gain it back and then some. I knew nothing about body fat
testing or other progress trackers. I knew nothing about correct exercising
Precision Nutrition put the tools to success in my
hands. Although the desire was always there, I was sorely misinformed about what
“healthy eating” meant. The ten habits gave me straightforward guidelines that
are applicable to any lifestyle- even the crazy college life. I now understand
how to make lasting, healthy changes. Because the PN recipes are so delicious,
and because the 10% rule is always there for a nice break, I found it easier to
avoid temptation.
PN not only introduced me to the right nutrition
information, it connected me to a network of the best exercise resources out
there. Using methods I found on the PN site, I began my fitness regime in July,
and the physical gains I’ve made are enormous. Then, I couldn’t come close to a
push-up, even on my knees. Now I can do five. My broad and box jumps have
increased by almost a foot, I’ve taken seconds off my sprint times, and my
two-mile time has decreased from 22 minutes to under 15.
I could talk endlessly about how PN changed my life-
PN provided the means, and I provided the hard work!

During the course of the PN Challenge, Rebecca
dropped her body weight from 205lbs to 168lbs. According to her skinfold
measures, she dropped 10% body fat during the challenge, with about 31lbs coming
from fat and only 6lbs coming from lean mass. These are some remarkable

About Lionel
I got into exercising after high school, during which time
I was what you would call a computer nerd. I would eat cereal for breakfast,
chips and a burrito for lunch, and jack in the box for dinner. Soda was on the
menu almost daily.
Needless to say, this lead to be quite a butterball
at 210 pounds. One day I overheard my dad say he weighed 170 to my mother, and
for some reason that really stuck with me – that I weighed 40 pounds more than
my dad. I started looking on line for some information and, long story short, I
started going to the gym and dieted down to a “ripped” 150 pounds. VICTORY!
Or so I thought. After some progress photos I came
to the realization that I had dieted myself to emaciation levels. My brother
introduced me to T-nation and my muscle building efforts have been underway for
the last 3 years.
The PN Challenge came at a time when I was
questioning the amount of body fat I had put on to get to the weight of 212 I
was currently sitting in July. I decided to shed the fat and see what was
underneath there once and for all.

I have been eating PN style all summer long and
exercising 4 days a week.
I am currently down 42 pounds of flab and now
actually have a body I am happy with. I plan to continue eating under the PN
system while I attempt to gain another 20 – 25 pounds of lean mass.
While I usually consider myself pretty dedicated,
the PN challenge added a new level of motivation for me and set a date for my
progress to be completed, which I had not had before. The PN Challenge helped me
stay on track and for that I am grateful.

I think I am a testament to the fact that anyone can
get in great shape. All I did was go on line, read a few articles here and
there, and put it all into action. I wasn’t dealt a genetic royal flush, I
didn’t play sports in high school, and I’ve been everything from chunky to super
skinny. I essentially started at 0 and have worked my way up to where I am
I have learned over the last 4 years what it really
takes to transform your body. Going to the gym is not enough. Eating “right” is
not enough. You must push yourself in the gym with heavy weights and hard
exercises, you must do the math so-to-speak with your nutrition, you must pay
attention to detail.
Going through the motions isnt going to get you
there, and I have learned that over the last few years, and still have many more
years of applying that same information to myself to go. The body is never
finished, there is always more to go.
PN has taught me the important of food volume and
eating veggies with every feeding. Before PN I barely ate any veggies and just
consumed whatever food I thought would be good for my bodybuilding goals.
Now, I eat copious amounts of veggies throughout the
day which helps to keep me full and satisfied. I actually enjoy and look forward
to that next batch of steamed stir-fry mix veggies.
Also, PN as a system has helped me to not be afraid
of cardio. I never did cardio really until this summer because I wanted all of
my available calories to go into my muscle building.
With the principles of G-Flux at my side, I now
realize that cardio can actually act in a synergistic way with my weight
training and nutrition to help me achieve the body I desire, along with keeping
me fit in the process. It doesn’t help to look good if you can barely run a

During the course of the PN Challenge, Lionel dropped
his body weight from 212lbs to 175lbs. According to his skinfold measures, he
dropped 12% body fat during the challenge, with about 27lbs coming from fat and
only 10lbs coming from lean mass. These are some remarkable

About dkpilates

Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Personnel trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Don teaches Contemporary and the Authentic forms of Pilates, in the later 90's, Don began his study of Yoga. His study of Yoga includes the Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, and Astanga disciplines. His other areas of interest in fitness include Martial Arts, Spin, Boot Camp Training, and Weight Training. Don has extensive training and certifications from AFFA, IDEA, MadDog, B-Fit and Polestar. Don Continues his of Pilates education with Michelle Larson in Santa Fe New Mexico. His personal philosophy related to fitness is to aid students in a personalized balance of strength, stamina and flexibility. He is dedicated to design a program specifically for his students independent of the season of their life to create functional movement and help them reach their fitness goals.
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