Lose Lots of Weight (Safely)

Need to shed 100 pounds? You don’t have to go into the operating room.

Everybody has a different plan for losing weight. But no matter what diet pro you ask, they’ll all agree on a few tips that will help you lose lots of weight without putting your health in jeopardy.
So if you’re ready to transform your body into the sleek and slim shape you’ve been dreaming about, start reading and prepare to change your life.

Get Medical Before, During, and After

Losing lots of weight shouldn’t be done alone. You’ll need the support of your physician as you’re on your journey. There are many reasons to stay in touch with your doctor throughout the weight-loss process. First, your physician can work with you to determine which weight-loss strategies will best meet your needs. Your doctor can also help you adjust to your new body. If you’ve been living with lots of extra weight for a long time, the weight-loss process can be shocking to your body. By keeping your doctor by your side, you’ll be able to make sense of any unexpected reaction your body may have to thinning down.

Cut Back on Your Meal Plan

Being overweight or obese comes about for a number of reasons. One of the most common is overeating. To battle this obstacle to your thinner future self, you’ll have to cut out some of the food you consume during the day. Start with a goal of reducing your caloric intake by 250 or 500 calories a day. If the thought of tracking calories is overwhelming, do something a little easier, like cutting out dessert after dinner. It may not add up to 250 calories, but it’s a start. And every bite you don’t take counts.

Listen to Your Body

Once you get used to eating fewer calories, you can begin to consider a more difficult step: listening to your stomach. While you may have grown accustomed to eating thousands of calories every day, your body doesn’t need that extra food to function. Actually, those extra calories do nothing but slow your body down and put your entire body in danger of bad health. Begin paying attention to your body’s signals and stop eating when your stomach says, “Full!”

Exercise with Fervor

In addition to cutting back on the amount of calories you eat, you’ll have to beef up your exercise regimen to shed pounds quickly. Not currently in any kind of exercise program? Then you’ll see dramatic results when you begin.

Regardless, you can expect to lose a lot of pounds in the blink of an eye if you have the time and dedication required. For the most rapid weight loss, get a personal trainer and spend a minimum of an hour every day working out intensely in the gym. For slower, more methodical weight loss, shoot for 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week.

If You Crash, You’ll Burn

Most overweight and obese individuals have tried multiple crash diets. Unfortunately, as you may know, crash diets usually have the same result: you get burned. When you’re serious about losing lots of weight, a crash diet may be appealing. But beware: Diets that sound too good to be true usually are. And if you find a diet that doesn’t require a lot of sacrifice on your part-careful watching over your calorie intake and plenty of exercise-it is, indeed, too good to be true.

Calorie Counting by the Pound

So you want to start counting calories, but you’re not sure what a good goal should be. A great way to have a ballpark estimate of your ideal caloric intake is to take your weight in pounds and multiple it by seven. This number is the amount of calories you should eat every day.

Once you know this number, you can work with your physician or a dietitian to determine the best way to spend these calories.

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