How do I get the exercise needed?

How do I get the exercise needed?

I was advised by doctor to do more exercise after my medical check. My problems are
pre-obesity, high cholesterol and overweight. Due to heavy work, I can’t do
much exercise during weekday, weekend will be my rest days. How do I get the
exercise needed?         Catherine.

Hi Catherine,

I am assuming by your question you are a novice to exercise.

I would need a little more information to really help. Get a fitness evaluation from a qualified personal trainer. They can help establish your strengths and weaknesses.

I give them to my clients at The Core Matrix free every 6weeks depending on there time frame.

In answer to your first question about making time for exercise here are a few small suggestions.

  • First find support from friends, family members and the people who motivate and love you.
  • When doing your shopping and or routine daily tasks, park your car purposely a little farther for a little walk.
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
  • Start cutting out saturated fats imediatley, you want to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol, starting with your diet. Contact me for a 7 day free trial of our Matrix Nutrtion Software . Click here for our login and demo
  • Cut down on your portion sizes. Most Americans eat double portions or more.
  • Start including more fuits vegtables and grains in your diet. Make your plate colorful with fruits and vegtable. (The more color the more variety of nutrients.)
  • Subsitute red meats with saturated fat with baked fish or chicken.
  • Move It! Even 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week (20 minutes three times a week for vigorous exercise, such as jogging) can help lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol – although more exercise is even better. It also helps you maintain an ideal weight, reducing your chance of developing clogged arteries. You don’t have to exercise for 30 minutes straight – you can break it up into 10-minute increments.
  • Here is a Beginner exercise template for women. Exercise Template for Beginner Women[1]

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Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Personnel trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Don teaches Contemporary and the Authentic forms of Pilates, in the later 90's, Don began his study of Yoga. His study of Yoga includes the Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, and Astanga disciplines. His other areas of interest in fitness include Martial Arts, Spin, Boot Camp Training, and Weight Training. Don has extensive training and certifications from AFFA, IDEA, MadDog, B-Fit and Polestar. Don Continues his of Pilates education with Michelle Larson in Santa Fe New Mexico. His personal philosophy related to fitness is to aid students in a personalized balance of strength, stamina and flexibility. He is dedicated to design a program specifically for his students independent of the season of their life to create functional movement and help them reach their fitness goals.
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