Exercise Anywhere

Exercise Anywhere

  • A few exercises you can get in no matter where you find
  • It happens to everyone. You’re in a rush to get to the
    gym when life takes over and you simply can’t make it to your workout. Now
    what? If you keep your eyes open, you’ll find all sorts of opportunities
    to exercise no matter where you are.
  • Sound like something that would benefit you? Read on to
    learn about seven simple exercises that will keep the blood flowing
    through your body when life keeps you from your favorite exercise
  • Kegels
  • These may not improve your visible physique, but kegels
    are essential to your good health. And they’re not just for women. To
    perform kegels, tighten the muscles that stop your flow of urine and hold
    for a few seconds. Relax and repeat, and you’ll reduce your likelihood of
    accidental urine leakage. It may not seem glamorous, but it increases your
    confidence in public, and as Jack Palance said, “Confidence is very
    sexy.” Do this one anywhere and any time you’re sitting down.
  • 30-Minute
    Even when you can’t get to the gym, aim for at least 30
    minutes of exercise each day for optimal health.
  • Calf
  • Standing in the grocery line can be a drag. Keep your
    head up by doing a few sets of calf raises. Stay balanced by holding your
    cart and then raise yourself up on your toes. Once you hit the peak of
    your lift, hold for a second and return to the ground. Repeat as many
    times as you can. And if you’re afraid you look strange, pretend to be
    looking for someone in the distance every time you go up.
  • Knee
  • Newbies will want to raise one foot about half a foot
    from the ground, while balancing on the other leg. Bend at the knee until
    your lifted foot almost hits the ground. Do this 10 to 20 times and repeat
    with the other leg in the air. Old timers should lift and bend one leg
    until the shin is parallel to the ground. Using the same motion as with
    the partial knee dip, go down until your raised leg almost hits the
    ground. Perform 10 to 20 reps and repeat with the other leg lifted.
  • Doorframe
  • Find a sturdy doorframe and stand in it. Place the back
    of your right forearm on the right side of the frame and the back of your
    left forearm on the left. Then push out as if trying to make the doorframe
    fall apart. Do this for 10 to 20 seconds, relax, and repeat.
  • Side
  • Grab a water bottle or large phone book with both hands
    extended over your head. Keeping your arms straight, bend your waist to
    the left, tightening your abdominal muscles. Bend as far as you can and
    then return to the starting position and repeat to the right side. Shoot for
    10 to 15 repetitions.
  • Stair
  • Ever wondered if you could get up the stairs in less
    time than it takes to wait for the elevator and ride it to your desired
    floor? There’s only one way to find out. Take the stairs! By walking the
    stairs on your way up and down, you increase your strength and your
    balance and you may even get there faster.
  • Breathing
  • You do it all the time, but concentrating on your
    breathing and doing it correctly can add to your physical well-being. For
    exercise-worthy breathing, sit straight up on the edge of a chair with
    your hands resting on your thighs or knees. Allow your shoulders to relax
    and look straight forward as you exhale powerfully out of your mouth.
    Tighten your abs and bend forward to get all the air out of your lungs.
    Then relax and inhale through your nose, while returning to your upright
    sitting position. Once your lungs are approximately half full, exhale
    through your mouth again. Repeat 10 times
  • 5 Exercise Goals for Beginners

  • A handful of things every newbie should put on his or her
    exercise to-do list.
  • Just getting started exercising? Congratulations! Your
    decision is one that will bring you face to face with improved health,
    looks, energy, and more. While there is a great temptation to swallow the
    entire gym whole in one bite, it’s better to take stock and come up with
    goals that fit your needs.

    Ready to create some gym-worthy goals that will help you reach your
    destination of a better, healthier life? Get started with the list below.
  • Goal
    1: Find a Time
  • The first thing you have to do before you work out is
    figure out when you’re going to head to the gym. Sure, you may go to the gym
    on a whim on occasion, but you can’t depend on these spur-of-the-moment
    trips to help you meet your other fitness goals. Rather, you’re going to
    have to come up with a regular time to get to the gym. Whether it’s at 4
    a.m., during your lunch hour, or right after work, having a predetermined
    time to exercise will help you with the next goal.
  • Goal
    2: Stick with It
  • Once you’ve figured out when you can work out, it’s up
    to you to make sure you follow through. Though you may think the benefits
    of exercising are enough to keep you going strong, you may be wrong. To
    make it a little easier to stick with your routine, give yourself a goal
    of sticking with your routine three days a week for three months. Once
    you’ve been at it for that long, it should be cemented into your schedule,
    making it easier to stick with exercise for the long haul. If you
    constantly need another goal, reset your clock for another three months a
    week or two before completing the initial three months.
  • Motivation
    is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. – Jim Ryun
  • Goal
    3: Trim or Tone
  • Toning up and trimming down are often the primary
    purposes for working out. If these are reasons for your new interest in
    exercise, use them to your advantage. Every day you work out, write down your
    weight, the most important measurements to you, and the exercises you
    perform. Over time, you’ll be able to see improvements in all three areas.
    And if you’re having trouble in one (it can be difficult to continue
    losing weight after a certain point), you can be encouraged by other
    statistics, such as your lowered blood pressure or how much longer you can
    stay on the treadmill now than when you first began.
  • Goal
    4: Be Honest
  • When you’re first getting into your exercise regimen,
    it’s easy to be forthcoming about your workout routine. After all, you’re
    in the gym three times a day, lifting more weights in a day than you have
    in the past four years, and running six miles during lunch. But it becomes
    more difficult to be honest when you’ve been at it a while. To keep
    yourself honest, get an exercise partner to hold you accountable. The best
    way for this to work is to work out with this person every time you go to
    the gym. This way, your partner knows when you’ve worked out and can help
    you work out at the intensity necessary for you to meet your other
    exercise goals.
  • Goal
    5: Limit Rewards
  • It’s not uncommon for people to feel they deserve
    rewards for every positive thing they do. If you’re one of these people,
    you may seek a reward for your exercising prowess. But it’s important to
    see the way you feel and look as your reward. Sure, there’s nothing wrong
    with missing a day at the gym or licking an ice cream now and then.
    However, if you’re not careful, your reward system can wind up making it
    impossible for you to meet your exercise-minded goals.

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Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Personnel trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Don teaches Contemporary and the Authentic forms of Pilates, in the later 90's, Don began his study of Yoga. His study of Yoga includes the Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, and Astanga disciplines. His other areas of interest in fitness include Martial Arts, Spin, Boot Camp Training, and Weight Training. Don has extensive training and certifications from AFFA, IDEA, MadDog, B-Fit and Polestar. Don Continues his of Pilates education with Michelle Larson in Santa Fe New Mexico. His personal philosophy related to fitness is to aid students in a personalized balance of strength, stamina and flexibility. He is dedicated to design a program specifically for his students independent of the season of their life to create functional movement and help them reach their fitness goals.
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